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We're a community who love the unreal franchise. Girls, boys, young and old brought together by a shared enjoyment for playing ut.


The servers are where it's happening, well maintained and often updated (never the same old maps).
We love meeting new and just starting unreal players so click and say Hi!

SoL » In Ur Face Freon

Server Address:
Game Type: Freon

Fast paced team action, freeze all the opposing team players to win the round. Thaw team mates by cuddling or pushing them in lava.

Lots of regular events, love multi-dodge? drop in on a Monday. Want to re-live other games in unreal? throw-back-Friday's include many converted maps. Friendly competition is alive with regular tournaments, including the monthly Lic Vs Dic (girls Vs guys) match.

SoL » Fat Jimmy's

Server Address:
Game Type: Vehicle Capture The Flag (VCTF)

Introduced in Unreal Tournament 2004. The main goal in Capture the Flag to steal the flag from your enemy and protect your own. Vehicles in the mix adds more strategy options and allows maps to be larger with lots of ground covered quickly.


KHz » Resurrection

Server Address:
Game Type: Team Arena Master (TAM)

Shares much of Freon game play, players start with all weapons and their team scores when all the enemy players are killed. First team to 10 points wins the match.


SoL » Tournament & Practice

Server Address:
Game Type: 1v1 / LG Practice / Movement Practice (votables)

Need to hone your lightning gun skilz or team mates beating you to health pickups? try some of the custom practice setups via the map voting menu.

Practice server and tournaments, right now it's set up for the B's 1v1 matches but you can join and switch between game types via map voting menu to access the practice setups.


Server Address:

All the Slice Of Life servers allow voice, we encourage players to talk in game. It's often quicker to talk than type (especially under fire) and a great way to get to know other players. Teamspeak offers a way to chat outside the game server.

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